Your Car and Your MOT

It has been some time since the MOT certificate changed its appearance, with a much plainer certificate now issued. It is, of course, stored online for the relevant authorities to check up on vehicles with ease. It is vital that all cars have a valid MOT certificate, if they are over 3 years old it is a legal requirement. The MOT test checks a variety of aspects of the car’s safety and driving, with emissions being a key part of the test.

Other areas the car is checked on, include brakes, steering, tyres and the overall maintenance of the car such as windscreen washer fluid and wipers. Some cars can fail on little issues such as not having washer fluid in the car!

Police and other forces are able to check in real-time which cars do not have a legally valid MOT using number plate recognition software installed in their cars. If found to be flouting the law and not having an MOT, the driver can be fined on the spot! It is a relatively cheap test which can save you from getting in trouble at a later date.